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General Conditions:​

  • Billing cycle starts on Monday and is renewed automatically on weekly basis unless otherwise agreed.

  • For multiple shops' owners, each shop must have its own contract.

  • Subscribers can change from one package to another before the current billing cycle comes to an end, any changes will take place with the start of next billing cycle.

  • If work hours go above the agreed upon contract, any extra hours will be charged hourly. And a more appropriate package will need to be chosen on the next billing cycle.

  • Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. The full billing cycle will be due within 24-48 hours.

  • We do not offer any services below Essential Package. 

  • Customized contracts will be rounded to the nearest hour.

Order Processing:

  • Order processing is not included in any Customer Service Package and is charged separately.

  • In order to accomplish this role, subscriber will need to provide us with access to Shopify, ordering tool and Aliexpress.

  • We guarantee only the strictest level of confidentiality and security in regards to any login information you provide us with.

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