About Us

Elite Sense Consulting provides small and medium businesses with highly qualified, truly engaged and in sync remote teams, so our business partners don't have to worry about the recruitment process.

We take care of our agents attendance and payrolls, we use time tracking and communication applications to maintain a smooth running work.

Our business partners benefit from instant hiring and replacements to keep up with their increasing demand.

Why Hire An Elite Agent

    Our goal is to provide you with the best value at the lowest cost.

    You can choose one of our packages or customize your own to match your needs.


    The minimum requirement to join our team is 3 years of proven work experience.

    Agent skills are tested and developed on regular basis.


    All our agents speak at least 2 languages (Arabic & English) and most of them speak other languages as well (French, Spanish, Greek and more).


    We are here to support you with talented and friendly individuals to keep your customers happy and catered to, take care of your business and help you develop it.


    Our agents receive and initial training upon joining the team, we provide them with all the necessary tools to maintain high performance.


    Easy and fast process. We offer a hassle free recruitment, workforce management, payroll, attendance, monthly performance review and more.


    Our agents are available to work across different time zones and can adapt to international work  environments.


    Hire your next talent within 24 - 72 hours. Our agents are available to start working on your project immediately after submitting the contract.

Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?


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