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With Elite Sense Consulting, hiring and managing online teams have never been easier. At Elite Sense, we understand your need to liberate yourself from tasks which don't require your immediate attention and oversight so that you can focus on the big picture. We provide you with the workforce to support your customers and handle your administrative tasks while you prioritize your business growth and development. Elite Sense empowers your business with innovative, skilled and talented individuals and customized packages designed to fit your business needs.Our areas of specialization include: Customer Service and Call Center, Administrative and Office Support, Operation management, Accounting and Finance, Translation.


Why Hire An Elite Agent


The minimum requirement to join our team is 3 years of proven work experience. Agent skills are tested and developed on regular basis.


All our agents speak at least 2 languages (Arabic & English) and most of them speak other languages as well.


Our agents receive and initial training upon joining the team, we provide them with all the necessary tools to maintain high performance.


Our agents are available to work across different time zones and can adapt to international work  environments.

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